Friday, January 4, 2008

JP's Blatterspitzen

JP's beautiful Blattie in red is certainly striking! She has this to say about the Blatterspitzen:

"I've liked this doily ever since I saw it. There's something about the geometric-ness of it all that appeals to me. I used DMC Cebelia #30 cotton and 2mm needles, obviously in the color red."

"I've knit Niebling patterns before. It was a perfectly fun pattern to knit, no real problems for me."

"I thought it made a good KAL pattern because of the variety of techniques and because it gave the knitter a chance to choose different variations at different points of the pattern (such as decrease directions, how many ladder rungs, how to start the pattern, how to finish)."

"I thought the ending of the original pattern was rather odd,
but that merely indicates that even Niebling had his off moments. It gave us yet another chance to choose something different. I chose to quit at the end of the lace section and thus skip the stockinette portion at the end."

"I thought the KAL leaders did a good job. I am not including myself in that group; I was merely an enthusiast. Priscilla did a great job with the charting, Judy Gibson did a great job with her notes and point-man status, and Catherine did a great job of organizing and gently shepherding the process along."

"It was fun to do this as a KAL because lots of people chimed in with various comments and perspectives. It's always fun to see how the final doilies turn out, since we all choose different materials and have slightly different ways of knitting and blocking our work."

Beautiful job, jp! Thanks for your thoughts.

Catherine's Blatterspitzen

This Blatterspitzen is the work of our fearless leader, Catherine.

These are her comments on it:

"I used Handy Hands Nr.50 tatting twist in a dark green and 2mm needles throughout. It was exactly 14" blocked."

"The pattern was very straightforward. I think this is a great learning/sampler/primer piece because each section uses a different stitch and it's a regular repeating pattern (which means mistakes are easy to spot). I wasn't sure about the dark color, since dark colors don't show off the stitchwork as well as light colors do. On the whole, though, I like the effect."

Catherine's Blattie is a great example of a smaller Niebling, well-knit and blocked. No wonder so many of us love those designs!