Sunday, January 28, 2007

The Wiesenflor, akaThe Piano Doily.

Discussion for the week of 1/17-12/07 started with Carol G.'s
beautiful "piano doily" from Anna, Feb 2002. Carol's Piano Doily is a cut-down variation, the pattern for the parent/full-sized piece was previously published in at least three places: Anna 0200/01; Burda 085/01 "Erbstullgrund" (the very first piece in the very first Burda Lace
special edition!); and as "Nodi a Sorpresa" in Lavori 11.

Another variation of the full-sized
piece, with larger flowers and leaves at the last tier, was published by Meyers as "Wiesenflor" in their singlet #1449.

Since we're trying to put together a catalog of known Niebling pieces and where to find them, identifying 'families' of similar pieces, and the broad variety of locations where they have been published, has become an interesting topic.

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