Friday, June 6, 2008

Lyra's Off and Running!

The Niebling Lace Knitters group is tackling Herbert Niebling's legendary Lyra. The knitters are being asked to contribute their photographs, thoughts, feelings, frustrations and jubilations, and those of us not knitting the Lyra will be cheering them on.

First out of the gate with her information is Rheba Smith, of Atlanta, GA, USA. She waited to find the perfect thread, and having received it, will be starting her Lyra this weekend (June 7/8, 2008).

Here is the first bit of info from her:

Thread: Presencia Finca No 5 - Dark Turquoise (mercerized cotton)
Needle Size: 2 US (2.75 MM)
Size/Dimention: To be Completed
Challenges: To Be Determined
ID: Rheba Smith (rhebaatl on ravelry)
Location: Atlanta, GA, USA

Thank you, Rheba. We look forward to seeing your Lyra pictures!

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